Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of the cleaning service of Johnson House Cleaners:-

The customer shall be deemed to be the person signing the agreement form. Johnson House Cleaners are the
cleaning service provider.

1. Changes. Any changes to the schedule and requirements noted overleaf will result in a re-calculation of the pricing of the cleaning service provided by Johnson House Cleaners.

2. Our commitment. Johnson House Cleaners will endeavour to provide you with the agreed cleaning plan on
a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one-off basis. Johnson House Cleaners will inform you by telephone or ^
email if Johnson House Cleaners are unable to attend. The only reason this will be if is your cleaner is ill or
on holiday. Johnson House Cleaners will always try to give you at least 7 day’s notice for holidays and at
least 48 hours for illness. lf we are unable to attend, we will not charge you for our service.

3. Cancellation. The customer must give Johnson House Cleaners at least 3 day’s notice by phone or email if
you wish to cancel all or part of your cleaning plan. lf you do not do so Johnson House Cleaners will charge
you 50% of your normal invoice total. Furthermore, if you the customer fail to give Johnson House
Cleaners notice 24 hours prior to your next clean, that you wish to cancel all or part of your cleaning plan,
Johnson House Cleaners will charge you 100% of your normal invoice total. lf payment is not made-within
seven days, we reserve the right to cancel/suspend your cleaning service without notice. Any final decision
regarding our cancellation charges will be at the Partners’ discretion.

4. Holidays. As part of your regular cleaning program, Johnson House Cleaners will still provide and charge
cleaning whilst you are on holiday other than by prior arrangement of at least two weeks notice.

5. Payments. The cleaner will be paid by the Client at the end of each clean. We can accept personal cheques
by prior arrangement but payment will need to be made at least 7 days in advance. Johnson House
Cleaners can accept payments by BACS or Standing Order at the end of each month.

6. Deposits. For all one-off cleans Johnson House Cleaners require a deposit of f25.00 at the time of order to
secure and confirm your booking. This can be made in cash or by BACS only.

7. Termination. Termination of this contract can be made either by the customer or by Johnson House
Cleaners with at least one month’s notice in writing.

8. Referral fee. The customer is liable for a referralfee of f500.00 should the customer engage anyone
currently employed or sub-contracted by Johnson House Cleaners within one year of this Contract.

9. Public Liability – All our cleaners are Self Employed and therefore have their own Public Liability Insurance. All claims for damages must go through the Cleaner

10. Complaints procedure. Please write to Johnson House Cleaners, 19 Salisbury Road, Radcliffe, Manchester,
M26 4GD or email: a.iohnson100@ntlworld.com

BOOK A CLEANER TODAY ON +44(0) 161 280 7193 (Landline) / 07583 249703 (Angela) / 07970 382099 (Ian) / a.johnson100@ntlworld.com (Email)