In this article the team at Johnson House Cleaners in Manchester look at some handy tips to clean both leather and fabric furniture:

Fabric Furniture

All of your fabric furniture can be vacuumed on a regular basis – although care must be taken here to ensure that they cleaner is thoroughly clean before going near the any pieces of furniture. Care should also be taken here as you vacuum, as damage can be caused quite easily depending on the type of fabric your furniture is made from. It’s also a good idea to really give the hard to reach areas, such as seems and crevices particular attention, as this is where a lot of dirt will accumulate the quickest.

After vacuuming the furniture, its time to get the lint roller out. This can be very handy for the really stubborn areas where the vacuum simply wont do the job. Used carefully, this is really good for the more stubborn debris.

Stains on Fabric Furniture

If you do get a stain on your fabric furniture, it needn’t be a catastrophe, but you do need to act as fast as you can. The quicker you can act, the less chance the stain has to really get into the fabric. Firstly get an absorbent cloth on the area immediately to soak up as much as you can. Don’t scrub here, as this can cause the stain to get deeper into the fabric. The best way is to dab, to absorb as much as you can into the cloth. Once this has fully dried and you have absorbed as much as possible, you can a hair dryer on a low setting to dry out the area. If you still have a bit of stain, then it’s probably an idea to use some baking soda.

Leather Furniture

One of the good things about leather furniture, is that they are very durable, and quite simple to clean. Firstly you can either use a vacuum of a microfiber cloth to remove any surface dirt from the leather surface. This will help ensure that any debris is not rubbed into the furniture. Next, using either a good leather cleaner, or a white vinegar and water solution (50/50 mix) you can set out about cleaning the sofa. If you are concerned whether the cleaner will discolour the sofa you can try on a small section first.

We recommend to clean with one microfibre cloth, and then dry with another. Please make sure that you not apply the cleaner too liberally – the cloth should be damp at most for the cleaning process.

Its very important to get the sofa as dry as you can afterwards. This will ensure there are no issues with mould and mildew after cleaning.

We would also recommend on a 6 monthly basis to use a leather conditioner on the sofa – this will help to keep the sofa soft and supple for longer.

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