Granite worktops have become very popular in recent years, and a nice granite worktop can make even the average quality kitchen look much better. A decent quality worktop does come at a price however, as they are not cheap – in addition to this cleaning and maintenance is a bit more complicated than a cheaper wood or melamine worktop.

How to Clean and Disinfect your Granite Worktop

Soap and Water for General Cleaning – A simple soap and water solution offers a great way to clean and keep your granite worktop free from bacteria. Using warm water is preferable here, as it aids the cleaning process.

Frequently wipe down the worktops

It’s a good idea to give the granite a good wipe down each day with a cloth. Again, here using soap and water solution to dip the cloth in and then wringing it out each time, you can make sure the counter stays free from any crumbs, spills and residue.

Using alcohol as a disinfectant

A alcohol and water solution (1:1) can be used very effectively to disinfect the worktop using a mist spray bottle. This can be done every few days to keep the worktop free from bacteria. It is important after spraying, to allow it to sit on the worktop for a few minutes as part of the disinfection process.

The cloth should be wrung out and then any excess removed. You can then polish with a dry cloth if you wish.


Acidic Cleaners for Granite

One of the big no-no’s when cleaning granite, is to use an acidic cleaner. Some examples of cleaners that are simply just too acidic to use on a granite worktop include vinegar, lemon or ammonia. Although these can work great for cleaning other surfaces, they should not be used on a granite surface.

We would advise that when using a cleaning product in the home, it is always a good idea to read the back label, to get advice on what the cleaning solution should and should not be used on.

Don’t Use a Cutting Board

Granite is well known as a very hard surface. However, one of the mistakes that many people make with Granite is it should NOT be used as a cutting board. Firstly the granite can dull your knife blades and secondly care needs to be taken when cleaning granite, and using harsh cleaners after food prep is definitely not advisable

Always Clean Spills

Spills are common place in the kitchen, but they should not be left on a granite top. If spills are left, they can eat into the granite seal which can lead to further damage. As we discussed previously, a simple warm water and soap solution should be used regularly.

Hot Pans

If you very briefly place a hot pan on a granite worktop it is not a problem. Granite is an igneous rock after all so it can handle the heat. The issue comes however if the pan is left for any length of time. This can affect the granite seal which is there to protect the granite from stains. It is therefore advisable to always put pans straight on to a potholder.

Excess Weight

As we mentioned previously in the article, granite is a very tough natural rock. However, the fissures, striations, and veins that make this natural stone look so beautiful, are also the weak points in the worktop. Excess weight on certain points of the granite can cause cracks and so sitting, standing or eve putting anything that weights too much on the worktop should be a definite no-no.

In summary your granite worktop is a not a cheap purchase, and it really can last a long long time, if it is treated with care!

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