When selling anything, you generally want to ensure the item is in it’s best condition? When a prospective buyer looks at a home, ensuring that your property is immaculate will only help the prospects of a sale.

At Johnson House Cleaners, we provide both a full end of tenancy cleaning service, and a deep cleaning service which are well suited to this. However, if you decide to carry out the deep clean yourself, then here are a few handy tips:

The Entrance to a Home

Many will argue that the entrance to any home is the most important. This is where the first impression is made after all. Therefore, we would recommend special attention be paid to this area of the property.

De-Clutter the Home

There is nothing worse for a prospective buyer than seeing clutter everywhere, as it can really make the home look messy and smaller even.

We recommend carefully looking at what can be donated, thrown away or sold. Also, going through shoe racks, hangers in closets, old magazines etc, and then just re-check each room one by one, looking for any clutter.

Sanitise your Kitchen

As the heart of every home, its very important to pay special attention to the Kitchen. Here you should:

  • Clean Fridge/Freezer thoroughly (then defrost freezer)
  • Remove any unused Kitchenware to de-clutter
  • Clean the Oven
  • De-clutter and clean all worktops and surfaces
  • Clean and disinfect the Kitchen Sink
  • Clean Microwave thoroughly
  • Clean and Mop floor
  • De-Scale Kettle
  • Leave an air freshener in the room after cleaning

Sanitise the Bathroom

Another key room in any home is the bathroom. Here we recommend:

  • Eradicate any mould or mildew (this can be a real turn-off if left), and vent the room well
  • Wash and dry tiles, Shower cubicle and all sanitaryware
  • Clean Grout – this can be a large job depending on the extent of tiling but well worth it.
  • Clean any mirrors well and polish
  • After cleaning sanitaryware, buff and polish to basin, taps, bath, taps and WC
  • Clean any air vents and/or extractor fans
  • Leave an air freshener in the room after cleaning

Room by Room

Once the Kitchen and Bathroom are completed, its time to go room by room. We recommend:

  • Clean and dust thoroughly all rooms
  • Remove any clutter as you go
  • Wash and clean all bedding for bedrooms
  • Hoover any carpet and mop any laminate/wooden flooring
  • Dust all rooms thoroughly and open all windows for venting purposes and to help get rid of any smells
  • Ensure that any storage rooms are well organised

Clean Windows

Although an arduous job, it really can have a big impact on the home. All windows should be cleaned inside and out where possible. You can use either a regular shop bought window cleaning solution or simply use something like white vinegar.

Getting your home smelling fresh

Check out our recent post on getting your home smelling fresh, with some simple tips to create a nice aroma around the home, reasdy for prospective buyers.

Final Thoughts

Once you have gone through the above list, its generally a good idea to just go back through the home to identify any remaining issues., or to see if anything has been missed. For example, you might want to make sure that you are letting enough light into the property by opening blinds and curtains more. Or perhaps, you might need to vent the property for longer.

If you need help with sanitising or deep cleaning your home in Manchester, please get in touch with our friendly team at Johnson House Cleaners on +44(0) 161 280 7193 (Landline) / 07583 249703 (Angela) / 07970 382099 (Ian) seven days a week 10am to 10pm or send us an online enquiry though the website!