Generally cleaning tips from a professional cleaner are worth listening to. And in this blog, we share some tips to keep your home cleaner for longer, and some little tricks of the trade to speed up your routine:

Get rid of distractions

Its no surprise that the first item is to remove distractions. This includes turning off televisions, tablets, and mobile phones. By doing this alone you can be up to 50% more productive with your cleaning, and potentially get it completed in half the time.

Start Simple

Sometimes it can work well to start small, then move onto the bigger tasks later. Therefore tackling the rooms that are used less, and therefore cleaner first, can pay dividends. This can then give you the motivation to move onto the biggies, such as the bathroom, kitchen and lounge for example.

Get a Squeegee

One of the most labour-intensive cleaning jobs out there is the bathroom or shower room. Therefore, purchasing a squeegee is a must! By using a squeegee regularly after using the shower or bathroom, you will need to clean bathroom less frequently. You can clean the tiled walls, shower enclosure, bathtub, and even tiled floors after each use.

The dishwasher is your friend

Try to get in the habit of running the dishwasher regularly, with lots of items that are suitable from around the home. Products made from ceramic, hard plastics, glass etc will all be fine, and can save a lot of time when you come around to needing to do a deep clean on the property.

Regular microwave steaming

A nice and easy cleaning hack is to fill up a mug of water and run in the microwave for a few minutes. This will create a lot of steam, which makes the cleaning process much easier. Done on a regular basis, it also helps to save you from ever having to spend too much time cleaning the microwave.

Vacuum the correct way

To get the best out of your vacuuming, try to go horizontally across the room first then vertically. This will really help to get all the particles up in one cleaning session.

Don’t rely on the bucket

Carrying a mop and bucket around the entire property whilst cleaning also tends to slow things down. A cleaning solution in a spray bottle with a microfiber mop can also work wonders, and make the process easier.

A Cleaning Plan

To get the most out of your domestic cleaning duties, why not create a cleaning plan? This will allow you to really focus on what needs doing and not miss anything. Additionally, your cleaning will probably be much more efficient when following a plan!

In this article we have touched on a few handy cleaning hacks which will help you cleaning your home. Johnson House Cleaners are a leading domestic cleaning company in Manchester. We offer a comprehensive domestic cleaning service at affordable prices.

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