What is Spring Cleaning

If you go back many years, spring cleaning was a term used for a process that was necessary during the start of the Spring season. Before the advent of de-humidifiers and vacuums all the doors and windows would be kept firmly shut through the winter months to help keep the house warm.

In addition to this, before gas central heating people would have wood fireplaces and use candles within the home. This would overtime create a large buildup of dirt and residue around the home. So when Spring finally came around it provided the perfect opportunity to open all the doors and windows and thoroughly clean the home, hence the term ‘Spring Clean’!

The benefits of Spring Cleaning

There are many great reasons to give your property a good spring clean:

De-clutter your Property

One of the main advantages of Spring Cleaning is to get rid of all your old stuff that you are no longer using or need. We can all be a bit susceptible to hoarding things we don’t really need, and a good spring clean gives us the perfect opportunity to de-clutter. Whether this is taken to the local dump or given to charity, it’s generally a very positive feeling once you have gone through this process.

Tidy Home Tidy Mind

Studies have shown that even though many of us don’t really enjoy cleaning, that once we have done it we feel much more positive and less stressed. Having too much mess and clutter is like ‘visual noise’ and it can make a big difference to our mental state by simply living in a tidy home.

Burning Some Calories

Cleaning your house can be a great way to exercise. As you carry out your chores around the home, the calories soon start to stack up. As an example 30 minutes of vacuuming alone will burn around 100 calories, so think of how much you will burn after finishing a deep spring clean!

Get rid of Allergens

Giving the home a deep spring clean is also great to get rid of dust and other allergens. Allergies can be very hazardous for your health and it is an issue that affects millions around the UK.

A combination of thorough vacuuming, cleaning mattresses and cleaning in all those hard to reach spots as part of your spring clean offers the perfect way to keep allergens at bay around the home.

Improve Focus and Concentration

By de-cluttering the home and organizing all your belongings, we spend much less time looking for things in the future which helps us become more productive. After thoroughly cleaning your home, you can clear your mind of what must be done around the home and this allows you to give focus to the more important things in life.

Sense of Accomplishment

Once you finished your spring clean you are bound to feel a huge sense of accomplishment, and rightly so! For some people carrying out a spring clean can be the catalyst to begin tackling a lot of other things that have been put on the back burner. So, what are you waiting for?

Need some help with your Spring Cleaning in Manchester?

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