In this article we look at some of the very popular everyday items that also double up as great cleaning products:

Toothbrushes – Great for helping keeping teeth clean, but a standard toothbrush also can be used for a to clean a variety of other surfaces which include grouting between tiles, bath and shower wastes and other small nooks and crannies around the home. Just make sure you don’t use it on your teeth again afterwards!

Toothpaste – Your regular tube of toothpaste can work wonders around the home on stubborn stains that just wont shift. Some of the most common uses include buffing up taps and other bathroom fixtures, getting rid of soap scum and even scrubbing the toilet.

Citrus Fruits – Another great everyday cleaning are citrus fruits such as lemons. Whether you are trying to get rid of mildew, polish surfaces, or general disinfecting of surfaces, citrus fruits are very effective as a cleaning agent, and very cheap too!

Socks – We all have the odd sock lying around the place which doesn’t have a matching partner – so why not put it to good use! Putting a sock over your hand for cleaning those really hard to reach areas can be very useful. You can also pop a sock over your broom handle to get an even greater reach for those impossible cobwebs and dusty areas.

Hairdryer – Many of us only use think of using a hairdryer for our hair, but there’s actually lots of other things we can use them for in the cleaning department. They can provide a very quick way to get rid of dust if you are in a hurry, and also offer a way to blast away some dirt without physically touching it.

Dishwasher – Not just for your dishes. Rather than waste time scrubbing things like toothbrush holders, soap dishes and even small waste containers, the dishwasher can provide an effortless way to clean lots of unusual things around the home.

Cotton Buds – Although the most common application for these is cleaning one’s ears, they can be great for cleaning delicate electronic equipment such as mobile phone receivers and microphones, glass frames, and lots of other intricate cleaning applications.

Rice – Quite a surprising addition to the list for a lot of people, but Rice can be very useful. Simply add some rice to a container you are looking to clean, and add your soap solution. Now simply vigorously shake said container, and the rice will effortlessly clean all the grime and residue in seconds.

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