We all know someone that has a perfect looking home, yet you never really seem them doing any household chores! People that are really organized, and that do things to a schedule can make hard work look very easy.

This is because of the way they clean their home. You will find that they have a different way of approaching chores – its very clean but not necessarily perfect.

Your Cleaning Routine

When it comes to cleaning, getting a routine that works for you is essential. If you follow some of the tips in this article you might find that will spend a bit less time cleaning.

Cleaning Tools of the Trade

Here we list of the most common cleaning tools and products, and probably the most important for most domestic cleaning:

  • Vacuum Cleaner – this is even more important if you have carpets, but always essential.
  • Steam Cleaner – A great tool for tiled floors amongst many other jobs.
  • Microfiber Cloths – great for cleaning dirt
  • Disinfectant spray – very handy for killing germs, bacteria, and viruses in no time.
  • Polish – excellent for cleaning furniture

Top Tips to Keeping a Tidy Home

Make the beds – It’s a very simple one, but really can make a big difference to the look of a room. Ensuring that the beds are always made before leaving the house is a great routine to get into.

Laundry – If the laundry isn’t kept under control, it really can take over. Tackling these daily keeps thing very manageable, and should mean that you don’t ever run out of clothes too with a bit of planning!

Washing the Dishes – If you own a dishwasher, make sure you use it wherever possible. Ensuring that your dishwasher is always empty in the morning makes life much easier. If you don’t own a washing machine, washing the dishes immediately keeps the house looking clean, and saves having to do it last thing at night.

Cleaning the Home

The more regular cleaning you can do the better when it comes to keeping a clean home!

  1. Put clothes away at night. Whatever you do, don’t leave clothes on the floor last thing at night. Its just as easy to put them in the laundry basket after all.
  2. Always take shoes off. Getting in the habit of always removing shoes on entering the property means you bring less dirt inside.
  3. Once you’ve finished using something, make sure you put it away. Keeping your home free of clutter also makes it look much cleaner and mor organized.
  4. Always wipe down counter tops in the bathroom and kitchen as you leave – this not only helps to keep these rooms clean, but also helps to smell fresher too.
  5. Having a quick tidy up before bed, can really pay dividends. Leaving as little to do in the morning helps to ensure we stay on track with our routines.
  6. Dust the home regularly. By doing this, you will only have a small bit to do each time.

Here we have just mentioned a few things that people with clean homes carry out daily. By following this quick guide, you can also keep your home cleaner and with a lot less effort!

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