For most people your pillow will be used every night, and so keeping it clean and free from germs is very important. And when we talk about the pillow, we don’t just mean the pillowcase but also the pillow. We advise that pillows should be washed between 3 to 4 times per year.

It is important to check which type of pillow that you have, as some can only be dry cleaned, whereas others are machine washable, and some will advise that only spot treating is recommended. Checking the pillow tag should give you all the manufacturers’ instructions for your pillow. Below are general instructions for washing fiber fill and solid foam pillows (although we recommend checking the manufacturer’s instructions first):

Washing Fiber Fill Pillows

Luckily you will find that most fibre fill and down pillows on the market are machine washable, which makes things easy. The following steps are a good start for machine washing pillows:

  • Best results using warm water and a gentle wash, then a cold-water rinse and spin cycle.
  • Add some detergent
  • Tumble dry your pillows on a low heat, ensuring that you fluff and turn them regularly.

Washing Solid Foam Pillows

One of the downsides of solid foam pillows is that they are not machine washable. Although they have other benefits such as being resistant to dust mites, they do need regular cleaning, to keep them free from bacteria etc.

  • Firstly, remove the pillowcases and wash as per manufacturer’s instructions on the pillow case tag. Generally, a normal cycle with hot water and detergent.
  • Vacuuming the pillow can be a good way to get rid of dust and debris. This can also be done by putting the tumble dryer for about 20 minutes on an air only cycle.
  • Any particularly dirty areas can be spot cleaned with a cloth and mild soap solution. You will find that foam can tear quite easily, and so care needs to be taken here.
  • Dry and air the pillow well before putting back in the pillowcase.

Knowing when your pillows need to be replaced

Pillows don’t last forever, and so its worth checking from time to time whether they need replacing. One way to know, is if you fold the pillow in two and it doesn’t spring back into place, then you probably need to replace it. If you pillows have a bad odour which you cant get rid of with cleaning, then its probably time for a change. We recommend using pillow liners which can help extend the life of your pillows.

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