How to Clean your Bedroom Tips

When it comes to home cleaning, the team at Johnson House Cleaners have encountered their fair share of bedrooms in need of a good clean, and here we share some handy bedroom cleaning tips:

Remove the Clutter

First of all it’s a good idea to get rid of all the clutter in the bedroom. This involves putting any clothes in the wash or in the cupboard, and any other stray items back where they belong.

How Often Should I Wash My Bed Sheets?

The frequency of washing sheets will depend on who you talk to, but at Johnson House Cleaners, we recommend that this should be a weekly exercise. This ensures that any bugs and bacteria are kept at bay, and helps keep the mattress in better condition.

How Often Should I Wash My Mattress?

Many people will often overlook cleaning their mattress, but this really should not be neglected. The mattress can become a haven for all sorts of unwanted intruders such as dead skin, dust mites, sweat, pollen, microscopic food particles and much more.

A thorough clean of the mattress does take time, and we recommend doing this at least once a year. Mattress pads are now popular and this can make cleaning the mattress quicker as it will absorb a lot of the nasty stuff before it gets to the mattress.

If you do have a mattress pad installed, this should be removed, thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed first.

After this, it is a good idea to sprinkle baking soda across the mattress, ensuring a uniform coverage.

This can be left for about 20-30 minutes to ensure it is absorbed fully.  After this, clean the mattress thoroughly with your chosen household cleaner and vacuum the mattress fully to remove any dust, debris etc.

Another good tip here is to expose the mattress to direct sunlight, as this is also a great way to kill bacteria while the mattress is out of position!

Once the mattress is fully dry, it may be an idea to flip the mattress over (flipping the mattress over is recommended every 3 months).

How Often Should I wash my Pillows?

Ensuring pillows are kept clean is also very important. Pillows can also collect lots of nasty stuff similar to the mattress, and can be very problematic for those that suffer with allergies. Cleaning your pillows will depend on what it is made from. For example a synthetic down pillow can be easily washed in the washing machine, whereas a real down pillow will require a professional clean.

Should you be able to wash your pillows in the washing machine, then it is advised to use little detergent on a hot wash. An additional rinse cycle is usually recommended to ensure that all the detergent is removed from the pillow.

When it comes to drying the pillow, again you will need to refer to the pillow instructions. Again here a good dose of direct UV light will be good to kill off any remaining bacteria etc.

How Often should I Vacuum the bedroom?

We recommend vacuuming the bedroom at least once a week (possibly more frequently depending on traffic in the room).

Areas such as under the bed, around the wardrobe, and under the dresser are also traps for dust, bacteria, pollen etc and these should be vacuumed about once a month to ensure the room is kept at healthy levels of bacteria etc.