Air quality is vital for your well being and the air in your home is not likely to be as fresh as you think which can be caused by many things. This can be very important if you suffer from allergies or maybe asthma. It’s important that you ventilate your home properly – daily opening of windows is one aspect. But it’s not just doing this; removing dust in its many forms and locations is paramount

How do you locate this dust?

  • Dust on furniture is obvious
  • Electronic gadgets, laptops, TV screens
  • Light fittings
  • Door and window frames
  • Leaves on indoor plants
  • Open fireplaces or woodburners
  • Behind appliances

 How do you deal with this problem?

Frequent cleaning is good. Dusters tend to move the dust around, so maybe use a damp cleaning cloth. Furniture polish will give surfaces a sparkle and give a perfume around the place. A feather duster will help you reach those annoying spider’s webs lurking around the ceilings. A top quality vacuum cleaner will remove as much dust and dirt as possible from all the rooms in your house. Some will also pick up dust and dirt from wooden flooring. Steam cleaners are now available for cleaning windows – clean windows give your house that extra sparkling look. Today’s extra large TV sets will benefit from being hung from wall brackets allowing easy access around them as they are particularly difficult to clean when sitting on a shelf, for example. You may have an array of pictures hanging around the house – don’t forget to clean the top and bottom rails – a favourite place for dust to settle!

An annual spring clean moving appliances, beds, furniture etc., will reveal unwelcome collections of dirt and dust – well worth the trouble!

Long pile carpets will contain a lot of dust. If you have allergy issues, you could consider getting rid of your carpets and having wooden laminate flooring – easy to clean with steam mops and minimise dust issues.

Air purifiers are readily available that plug into an electronic socket and fill your home with a purifying odour. Different perfumes can be used

Another option is the use of oil diffusers strategically placed around the house. Bathrooms and toilets will certainly benefit! 

What other options are there for clean air?

Apart from regular cleaning and ventilation by opening windows, here are some other possible options:

Large houseplants will filter the air and some will even remove carbon monoxide gasses.

 Choose clean cleaning products which are made from non-toxic products

 As mentioned before, essential oil diffusers will freshen the air in your home and help you to enjoy your home environment

 Using beeswax candles can give your home that extra ingredient and spread pleasant aromas

Consider an annual professional clean from top to bottom – they will take out all the strain and leave you with a sparkling home.

Need a Professional Cleaning Company to Help?

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