Here we look at some of the main cleaning tools that every homeowner own to help your home in sparkling condition all year round:

Microfiber Cloths – An absolute must for every household. They are available in a range of different colours, and a damp microfiber cloth offers the perfect way to keep dust at bay, whereas the traditional dusters for example simply move the dust around from one area to another. An advantage of keeping different colours, means you can colour code your microfiber dusters for different rooms in the house. Some of the key jobs they are used for include removing pet hair from clothing, polishing tiles, cleaning windows, and also worktops and appliances.

Long Handled Duster – As we discussed previously in the blog, keeping allergies at bay is essential for many households. A long handled duster offers the perfect method to reach ceilings and walls, without the use of step ladders and stalls. They are also great for cleaning kitchen units, light fittings, extractors fans etc.

Steam Mop – This quite recent innovation to the cleaning market has lots of different uses. The steam produced will sterilise surfaces such as shower cubicles, cleaning tiles and grout the same time, and can also be great for laminate and wood flooring. The heat generated by the steam helps to loosen dirt particles effortlessly and quite often only a single pass can be used for cleaning, unlike traditional mops which may require three or four passes to get the surface sparkling clean.

Toothbrush – This common household item can be used very effectively in so many different ways getting into all the different nooks and crannies around the home. Examples of this include round the taps in the wash basin, in between tiles, shower heads, window tracks and even the dishwasher filter! Being such a cheap item, this should really be part of every homeowners cleaning arsenal!

Scrubbing Brush – The scrubbing brush is one of the most useful items you can have in your home cleaning kit. The list of uses is simply endless – from helping to get stains out of carpets through to sanitary ware and getting rid of muddy footprints, no home should be without one.

Vacuum – There are literally tons of different choices out there. Whether you opt for a traditional upright vacuum, a handheld cordless, the popular Henry hoover, or even the new high-tech robot options, the vacuum is one of the most versatile cleaning tools, making household cleaning simple and fun at the same time. Vacuum cleaners will also come with different tools, which can help you get into different crevices around the home.

Dustpan and Brush – One of the oldest tools of the trade of home cleaning, the dustpan and brush is still one of the most useful cleaning tools to have around the home. If the vacuum isn’t charged or plugged in, the dust pan and brush can get you out of trouble very quickly. They come in many different shapes and sizes, different handle lengths for those that don’t want to bend down, and best of all they are very cheap to buy and wont break your bank balance!

Squeegee – These are fast becoming a household favourite, and are great for cleaning windows, shower cubicles without leaving smears and streaks. They provide a very quick and efficient means of cleaning and are also very cheap to buy.

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