As we all lead very busy lives nowadays, we generally like to get things done as quickly as possible, and this very much applies to cleaning around the home. Here we have compiled a list of some great cleaning tips to help you save time in your domestic cleaning duties:

1. Cleaning your blender with soap

Being a potentially lethal instrument, the blender is an appliance that we need to take care when cleaning. One great way to keep your blender clean is simply by added a little baking soda, warm water and little soapy. Once this is loaded simply turn on the blender for a short period of time and once you have give it a very good rinse, in most cases it will be looking brand new again!

2. Give the Mattress a Freshen up with Baking Soda

Many of us wash our sheets and pillow cases on a regular basis, but quite often the mattress doesn’t get enough attention. One way to combat allergies and bacteria that will thrive if left is to use baking soda and regular vacuuming. Once you have applied the baking soda across the mattress, you will need to leave it between 1 to 3 hours before vacuuming.

3. Sponges in the Microwave

Sponges are an essential tool for cleaning in the home, but in order to make sure that they are not regularly spreading bacteria around the home then simply pop them in them in the microwave! There has been evidence published that by zapping your sponges it can reduce bacteria by up to 99%. We recommend about 60-90 seconds on full power to achieve this.

4.Using Lemon on the Cutting Boards

Many of us use plastic cutting boards, in which case the dishwasher works great to get them clean. However if you prefer a wooden cutting baord, then cleaning them is not as easy! A great cleaning tip though is to sprinkle some salt onto the board and then clean the board thoroughly using some lemon.

5. Streak Free with Newspaper

Many of us go straight for the paper towels to finish cleaning mirrors and windows, but this is not the recipe for success. In order to clean glass services and not leave streaks behind you, a newspaper is actually the best method. This is because of the soy ink contained in the paper, which will leave you surfaces streak free and with no lint.

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