DIY General Cleaning for Laminate and Linoleum Flooring

Both laminate and linoleum floors are very popular amongst homeowners and landlords nowadays, partly due to nice different wood and stone affects at a fraction of the price, and also the much cheaper price bracket that they fall into, and of course the ease of installation.

Here we look at one of the most effective and cheapest DIY methods to clean your laminate and lino floors in no time!

To make your DIY laminate cleaning spray you will need the following ingredients:

  • 150ml White Vinegar
  • 150ml Rubbing Alcohol
  • 150ml Filtered Water for less streaks
  • Some scented drops for the a nice aroma
  • 1 x Spray Bottle

Mix the ingredients thoroughly together and then add to your spray bottle or mop.

As we have mentioned before on our blog, the vinegar is a great cleaning aid for this process, and the alcohol helps with the drying and disinfecting process of cleaning. This cleaning solution will both clean and bring new life to your laminate or linoleum floors with minimal effort. Of course when using on laminate you will need to make sure that you don’t leave any pools of the solution on the flooring as this can ‘blow’ sections of the floor if left for too long.

General Laminate Floor Care

  • When moving furniture make sure that you never drag furniture when moving across a laminate floor surface. It should always be moved by lifting and moving.
  • Use castors under any table legs and sofas to avoid scratches and scuffs in the flooring.

Removing Shoe Scuff Marks from a Laminate Floor

  • Firstly Wipe the area with a wet sponge (not too wet)
  • Use a rubber eraser, making sure to go along the grain of the wood
  • Ensure that the eraser is not a plastic style or gritty as this can potentially damage the flooring

Removing Food Stains from a Laminate Floor

  • Mix a solution of 10:1 washing up liquid and water
  • Thoroughly mix the solution and then apply carefully and not too liberally to the stain, and then clean thoroughly with a cloth.
  • Now leave the cleaned area to dry completely
  • Mix a solution of 65ml ammonia in 2 litres of water
  • Poor a very small amount onto the area in question and leave to sry for about 10 minutes
  • Using an old toothbrush clean the stained area thoroughly to remove the stain
  • Now rinse with a small amount of water and dry thoroughly
  • You can then repeat the above steps if necessary for more stubborn stains.

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