get your property smelling fresh in no time at allThe scent of a property has a huge impact on how we feel about it, whether where we work or live in it. Certain smells and aromas will instantly make you feel comfortable, whereas others will be a real turn off, quite often the minute you set foot into a property.

With that being said,it is one thing keeping your property clean, but keeping it smelling fresh and nice is something else entirely.

Here the team at Johnson House Cleaners in Manchester give some great tips on how to get your property smelling amazing in no time:

Fresh air shouldn’t be in short supply

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is not venting the property enough. Not only will it let the bad odours escape out of the property, but it is also great for keeping moisture levels down in the property, and so helps to stop mould developing.

Citrus Flavours

One simple and cost effective method to get a property smelling fresh is to use Citrus. Whether this is half a lemon put into each room, or orange peels places on radiators in winter, both can be very effective.

Clean out the traps

If you can notice bad smells that tend to linger, it is probably and idea to look at some of the waste water areas around the home. It might be time to clean out the garbage disposal, check the gulleys arent blocked outside and maybe put some drain cleaner down the wash hand basin and toilet. All of these can cause bad smells, but can be rectified very easily.

Candles around the home

Candles are well known to be a great way to get your home smelling nice in not time at all. It is said that a 180g candle will cover roughly 10 m, and so for a large size living room possibly 3 or 4 will be required for maximum efficiency. Each candle should be allowed to burn for approximately an hour, so that the scent is able to evaporate enough.

Indoor Plants

Exotic indoor plant can also be great for freshness and nice sweet smelling aromas. Some of the popular houseplants include Jasmine, Gardenia, Scented Geraniums, Citrus, Tea Rose Begonia to name a few plants that can transform the smell in your property.

Turbo charge your air vents

Another nice little trick is to fix a room or car deodorizer onto any air vents around the property. As air enters the property it will naturally blow the scent around the room.

If you haven’t got time for any of the above and would rather get the house cleaning professionals in to spruce your property in the Manchester area, then make sure you get in touch with Johnson House Cleaners today.

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