As spring comes along the birds are chirping away, temperatures are starting to rise, and it always feels time to really make some big changes around the home – namely the ‘Spring Cleaning!’. This gives us a great excuse to really freshen up the home and get it ready for the coming Spring and Summer months. Once it’s all done, its also one of the most satisfying cleaning tasks you can do. In this post we look at some of the top size tips for effective Spring Cleaning:

One room at a time – Whether renovating or cleaning, one of the best ways to approach the task is to deep clean one room at a time. We advise making a checklist of everything that needs attending to in each room and checking them off as you go. This will help to ensure that no stone is left unturned!

Clean Away the Clutter – A key part of any Spring Clean is to get rid of any clutter around the home. Here we recommend first identifying clutter, and then working out the best solution to deal with it. This might involve some getting taken to the local tip, some stuff that you might give away to family, friends, or the local charity shop, and then some that will be stored somewhere more suitable.

Get Some Help – A way that can really speed up the normally mammoth task of Spring Cleaning is to get the rest of the household involved too! Even if you have younger kids, they can also be of great help too sometimes. Literally everyone apart from the cats and dogs can get involved to help speed up the process!

New Cleaning Habits – Going through the massive task of Spring Cleaning can also offer some opportunities to work out some new cleaning methods moving forward. Trying to stick to regular cleaning duties throughout the winter can drastically reduce the length of time needed to carry out a full spring clean of the property in the future.

Work From Top to Bottom – When cleaning its always a good idea to work from top to bottom. So, work from the ceiling down is our advice. This allows you to force any dust and debris downwards and saves doing any dusting twice. This not only saves time and is more efficient, but also gives a good cleaning template to go from room to room with the same strategy.

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