As one of the main food storage areas in most homes, ensuring that your fridge is kept clean helps to ensure that your food is stored safely, and also helps to keep things in good order when trying to find anything.

  1. Preparation for Procedure

The first step is to remove everything from your fridge, ensuring that any meat, dairy products etc are placed in a cool bag with ice pads to prevent bacteria multiplying at higher temperatures outside the fridge. This is also a good idea to go through all the best before dates on all of the food, to ensure that anything out of date is promptly binned.

  1. Wash Fridge Shelves and Compartments

After having removed all the food, its now time to take out all the removable parts of the fridge and clean them thoroughly – this includes any shelves, compartments, egg trays and of course the salad compartment at the bottom. Before washing with hot water and washing up liquid its a good idea to use a plastic scraper to remove any bits of food debris to make the process easier. If your fridge has any removable glass, its a good idea to let this cool before cleaning with hot water, due to the risk of it shattering with extreme temperature changes.

  1. Thoroughly Clean the Interior of the Fridge

The trick here is not to use hot water – the reason being that it will increase the temperature in the fridge, causing an issue for an perishable food you have waiting to go back in. We would recommend that you use milton sterlisiing fluid and cold water. You might also want to use cotton buds, and a plastic scraper to remove any more stubborn debris. Once clean, you can now dry the fridge with a tea towel or Kitchen Roll.

  1. Clean the Outside of the Fridge

Its easy to just think of the inside of the fridge as a haven for germs and bacteria. However, its important to pay attention to the outside of the fridge too. Particular areas of importance are the door handles, and any other crevices which you are likely to touch. Also ensure that you clean the fridge door seal thoroughly, and to do this Milton fluid and cold water is advised.

  1. Allow Cooling

Prior to putting everything back into your deep cleaned fridge its a good idea to let everything cool to below 5 degrees. Firstly just put back all the removable items into the fridge, and then allow to cool to 5 degrees (check with your fridge thermometer), before putting the food and drink back into the fridge.

Need Help Cleaning Deep Cleaning Your Fridge?

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