Well we all know we need to clean our homes, but sometimes it feels like a real chore!

It’s been passed down through the generations that we should keep our surroundings clean, even if it was just your own bedroom as a child.

It’s very easy to think – “I’ll do it tomorrow” but tomorrow never comes! There are far more interesting things you could be doing!

Why is it important to keep your house clean? Well, here are five good reasons to keep you and your loved ones healthy in a way you’d never believe!

1  – A Clean Bedroom Can Enhance Your Sleep

Do you struggle like many people to get a good night’s sleep?

Recent surveys show that up to 45% of people struggle with this which is the opposite of what you’d think with the busy lifestyles we lead. You would think we would sleep right through, but that’s not the reality.

Very often as we try to fall asleep, our minds are still processing all the things we haven’t done including the tip that is our bedroom! It has been revealed in another survey that people with clean and tidy rooms with nice clean bed clothes, will often find a better night’s sleep.

2 – Mental Health Can Benefit From A Clean And Tidy Environment

When you live in a dirty and cluttered house with all sorts of rubbish from unwashed crockery to papers left lying around, this can bring on stress, anxiety and even depression.

You may be unaware of the unconscious side of your brain which is seeing the piles of clutter and jobs you have put aside and yet to finish. Without you realising it, your brain is being overwhelmed by it all and affecting your wellbeing. A clean and tidy environment will help you to see things better and give you a more peaceful life cutting anxiety and depression.

3 – A Clean Home Will Help You With Food Choices For A Healthier Diet

If you are cooking in a dirty and cluttered environment often surrounded by smells of stale food and old cooking, you can feel depressed and even stressed. This is more likely to encourage you to make unwise food choices when you feel like this.

Take the opposite scenario – a clean and uncluttered kitchen will give you encouragement to improve your cooking choices with a view to eating healthier choices.

Studies have shown this to be the case – a clean and tidy environment will encourage you to chose healthier meals and snacks than those cooking in a dirty and untidy environment.

When you are surrounded by dirty work surfaces, grimy cookers, dirty floors and unwashed dishes, it’s hardly inspiring you to make healthy food and you’re more likely to want to go and eat out,

You might think this doesn’t matter, but think of the calorie count. A healthy home cooked meal can be around 600 calories where a meal of a typical fast food style, can be 1900 calories.

4  – A Reduction In Allergies With A Clean Home

Maybe you’re someone who suffers with allergies, hay fever through high pollen counts. But there are many hidden things in your home that can cause allergies, from dust mites through to pet hair. A thorough and regular cleaning of your home can alleviate your symptoms.

You can bring pollen and mould into your home from the outside; leaving dust mites and dog hair for example, can all exacerbate your allergy issues leaving you with a streaming nose, itches and runny eyes.

It’s worth having a really effective vacuum with filters to extract these harmful items and a regular cleaning of damp and moist surfaces to avoid a build up of moulds. Clean bed linen will also help and a general cleaning of all surfaces.

5  – Financial Benefits

How can having a clean house help my pocket? You’ll spend less money on expensive cleaning products which you need if you’ve let grime and dirt build up.

You’re less likely to have damaged work surfaces, cookers and utensils if you keep them clean. Dirt can become engrained in flooring or toilets can be permanently stained. All these items will look old before their time needing an earlier replacement costing you your hard earned cash.

Also, when you can’t find things under the clutter, you’re more inclined to buy another and then find the original item sometime later – how annoying is that?!

So what can I do?

So if you’d like to benefit from the five reasons above and lead a healthier and less stressed life, why not use a house cleaning service?

For an affordable, reliable and professional cleaning service, give Johnson House Cleaners a call and get a quote today.